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Flu Update
Feb 12, 2018

Flu Update:

It is easy to be overwhelmed with all the recent reports about Flu, but we hope you can breathe a little easier knowing that you are doing the right things to protect your family. PPP has given out more than 5000 doses of Flu vaccine; some reports indicate vaccine effectiveness of 30% or higher and the shot clearly helps protect against the serious complications of Flu.  Fortunately, the vast majority of children who get the Flu weather the illness without incident. 


Typical symptoms of Flu are high fevers, muscle aches and fatigue. Kids tend to feel lousy with the Flu. Infants may be fussy or lethargic. Most kids with Flu can be managed at home with fever reducers and good hydration. While we are happy to see your child if you are concerned, it is not necessary if your child has typical Flu symptoms and can be kept comfortable. Flu testing and treatment is NOT indicated for most healthy children. If your child is at high risk (under age 2 or chronic conditions like Asthma), please call to schedule an appointment so that we can assess them for Flu.


Don’t let the hysteria about Flu overwhelm your parental instincts. We are happy to provide advice and help you react appropriately to your child’s condition.


For the past month or more we have been very busy seeing children with Flu, fevers, colds and other illnesses that concern parents. We make every effort to see sick children the same day that a parent calls. Unfortunately, that means the schedule is very full and you may wait longer in the office than usual, especially for check-ups. We apologize for any delays and ask your understanding as we work to meet the needs of all our families.