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HPV 9 Vaccine
Jul 10, 2015

Our office is now offering the new Human Papillomavirus 9 (HPV 9) vaccine. This vaccine covers 9 strains of the HPV virus vs the previous vaccine which covered 4. We recommend this vaccine for all children 11 and above; research has shown better immunity at the younger age. The vaccine will still require 3 doses (shots).

Please see the questions and answers below:

What is the difference between the two vaccines?


The original vaccine has protection against four strains of HPV virus.  2 of those strains are responsible for 70% of cervical cancer cases in women.  The other two strains are responsible for 90% of venereal warts.  The updated vaccine has protection against 9 strains of the germ – the same 4 in the original and 5 others.  Those five extra strains combined are responsible for up to 20% of cervical cancer in women.  Therefore, the updated vaccine protects against 90% of cervical cancer and 90% of venereal warts.


Who is this vaccine for?


The current recommendation is that all children (male and female) 11y and older receive this vaccine.  However, the vaccine is actually approved down to the age of 9y for both genders.


What if my child has already had doses of the original vaccine or even
completed the original vaccine?

The current recommendations are that females aged 9 to 26y can initiate the Gardasil series with the updated vaccine.  Males aged 9y to 21y (and in some circumstances males up to the age of 26y), can also initiate with the updated Gardasil vaccine.  Previously
vaccinated individuals who have not completed their series are advised to get their remaining doses with the updated version. 
At this time, it is not recommended that children who have previously completed the original Gardasil series receive HPV 9.

How can I find out if this new vaccine is covered by my insurance?

The doctors are encouraging all of their patients to be protected against the HPV virus.  Our intention is to offer the updated
Gardasil vaccine to all of our patients aged 11y to 20y.  If you are interested in your child receiving the Gardasil 9, please check with your insurance to see if it is covered (current cost is about $225 per dose). Let them know you are interested in Gardasil 9, code 90651.  Make sure you let them know the age and gender of your child since that information could affect coverage.