joy nichols

Joy Nichols - Lactation Consultant

The physicians and staff of Peachtree Park Pediatrics actively promote breastfeeding as the ideal nutrition for newborns and infants. From the prenatal conversation through subsequent routine visits and initial exams in the office we will encourage new mothers to breastfeed and help them through the transition period until they become confident nursing mothers. To assist new mothers Joy Nichols, a certified Lactation Consultant, sees newborn mother/baby dyads in the office three days per week.

Fortunately, almost all women are physically able to produce milk and breastfeed. Women who may have difficulty include those who have significant underlying health problems or have had breast surgery, particularly breast reduction. If you are concerned about your ability to produce milk we recommend a visit with our Lactation Consultant prior to delivery to evaluate your breasts and any potential barriers to breastfeeding.

Typically with the first baby it takes 4-5 days for the mother’s body to produce milk. However, during those first days the mom is making colostrum which provides the baby with important nutrition and antibodies. It is normal for newborns to lose weight during the 1st week while the mom’s milk supply is coming in; the weight is gained back during the 2nd week. In most cases it is not necessary to supplement a newborn with formula or water. You will have a chance to work with the nurses and Lactation specialists in the hospital after delivery. We typically see newborns in the office within 2 days of going home from the hospital so we can monitor breastfeeding and weight gain.

Based on feeding assessments with your Pediatrician, it may be recommended that you consult with our lactation specialist for further feeding assistance. Through this specialized and personal support, she can help you and your baby navigate the initial adjustment process of learning to breastfeed, through the eventual process of weaning. Feeding routines, milk supply issues and normal newborn care, as well as pumping, returning to work, medicine and nursing can all be addressed with these visits. Having a lactation consultant in our office allows you the comfort of knowing a pediatrician is on-site and available.

Lactation services are considered separate from your baby’s check-ups. Peachtree Park Pediatrics follows the recommended coding policy developed by the AAP for lactation services provided to your baby in a Pediatrician office. Many insurance companies will cover these services; however, they may fall under your deductible, co-insurance or copay. Most insurance companies offer a toll free number on the insurance card that you can call with specific questions. The insurance plan representative should be able to explain your coverage for services received in our office.

Please feel free to call our office with any specific questions or for an appointment.