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COVID-19 Update – Friday, November 12, 2021

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Parents of Peachtree Park Pediatrics,

Dear parents of Peachtree Park Pediatrics,

We continually strive to provide you with the most up to date information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for the latest vaccine updates, statistics from the CDC, and more.


Statistics from the CDC

  • The U.S. has administered over 432 million doses of vaccine
  • 70% of adults have been fully vaccinated
  • 224 million people have received at least one dose
  • 194 million have been fully vaccinated
  • Nearly 25 million have received a booster dose


Schools May Play a Big Role in Vaccinating Young Children

The AP reports that “many elementary schools around the U.S. are preparing to offer the shots, which educators see as key to keeping students learning in person and making the classroom experience closer to what it once was.”

“Some district leaders say offering vaccine clinics on campus, with the involvement of trusted school staff, is key to improving access and helping overcome hesitancy — particularly in communities with low overall vaccination rates.”

PPP began COVID vaccine clinics this week for children 5-11. While our goal is to immunize all our patients in their medical home, we are limited by vaccine supply and the logistics of vaccinating these younger children. We will continue to notify parents as COVID clinic appointments become available, though your child can also be immunized at school, a pharmacy or another location (no prescription from our office is required).


Breastfeeding by Moms Who’ve Had COVID May Help Protect Newborns

A small study showed that “Moms who had COVID-19 when they gave birth may help stimulate their infant’s burgeoning immunity against the virus by breastfeeding.”

“Breast milk from moms who had COVID-19, or have been vaccinated against it, contains antibodies against the virus. Now the new study suggests that breastfeeding after COVID-19 may also help spur a more “active” immune response in babies.”

Following guidelines from ACOG, CDC and the AAP, PPP recommends the COVID vaccine for all women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


WHO Affirms that COVID and Flu Vaccines can be Given Together

“People can get inoculated against COVID-19 and the seasonal influenza at the same time without compromising the vaccines’ effectiveness” the World Health Organization said recently.

See – Reuters: No decrease in effectiveness if COVID-19 jab and flu vaccine is taken together – WHO


Anti-Viral Pill Cuts Risk of Severe COVID by 89%

Pfizer recently announced the results of a study showing that its new “antiviral pill, which is combined with a low dose of an HIV drug called ritonavir, can reduce hospitalizations or deaths from COVID-19 by up to 89% among high-risk patients.”

See – NBC News: Pfizer’s Covid antiviral pill may cut severe illness by 89 percent

“Early diagnosis of COVID-19 would be key. Pfizer said that its antiviral was most effective within the first three days of symptoms. Side effects, according to Pfizer, were mild to moderate, and comparable to those who got the placebo.”


Some States and Cities Paying Kids Who Get Vaccinated

CNN reports that some areas are offering cash, gift cards or attraction tickets as an incentive for children 5-11 and their parents to get the COVID vaccine.

“The Chicago school district — one of the largest in the nation — is closing on November 12 for Vaccination Awareness Day to make it easier for students to get their shots.

‘It is rare that we make a late change to the school calendar, but we see this as an important investment in the future of this school year and the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, and families,’ the school said in a message to parents.”


We encourage everyone to continue to use good hand hygiene and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please contact our office with any further questions or concerns.

Peachtree Park Pediatrics

For reliable, up-to-date information about COVID-19, visit:


Peachtree Park Pediatrics strives to deliver up-to-date primary care to our infant, child, and young adult patients in a welcoming and family-friendly environment.  The practice has deep roots in the Atlanta community, and it is our continued honor to be entrusted with the health care of our next generation.

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