COVID-19 Update – Thursday, December 10, 2020

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Parents of Peachtree Park Pediatrics,

We continually strive to provide you with most up to date information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for more on the CDC’s updated mask-wearing guidelines, coronavirus vaccine trials and distribution, participation in organized sports during the pandemic, and more.


CDC Recommends Universal Mask-Wearing Outside the Home

The CDC recently released new guidance on public health measures to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

New and continuing recommendations include:

  • Universal face mask use when outside the home, especially in indoor spaces and outdoors when physical distancing of 6 feet or more cannot be maintained
  • Avoid non-essential indoor spaces and crowded outdoor settings
  • Postpone nonessential travel
  • Increase room air ventilation and enhance hand hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection


Vaccine Updates

  • The AJC reports that “All Americans who want to get a COVID-19 vaccine should be able to do so by the second quarter of next year, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said…as Trump administration officials laid out an ambitious timetable for the rollout of the first vaccine in the United States.”

“Meanwhile, top health officials warned Americans that this is no time to let their guard down. ‘The vaccine’s critical,’ Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, said. ‘But it’s not going to save us from this current surge. Only we can save us from this current surge.’”

  • COVID-19 vaccine trials indicate that vaccine recipients may experience fatigue, muscle soreness or joint pain after the shot. However, as reported in USA Today, these side effects are not just normal, but are also a sign that the body is reacting properly to the vaccine.

It’s important to educate Americans about the vaccines’ side effects, otherwise they may deter people from getting the second dose.  “Just because you’re sore doesn’t mean that [the vaccine] didn’t work or wasn’t effective. It just means that your body responded the way it’s supposed to,” said a physician from the Mayo Clinic, “It’s important to take both doses or that first dose was all for nothing.”

  • To promote the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, former U.S. presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have pledged to get vaccinated for coronavirus on television.

The Guardian quotes President Obama as saying, “people like Anthony Fauci, who I know, and I’ve worked with, I trust completely. So, if Anthony Fauci tells me this vaccine is safe, and can vaccinate, you know, immunize you from getting COVID, absolutely, I’m going to take it.”

President Bush’s Chief of Staff said, “a few weeks ago, President Bush asked me to let Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx know that, when the time is right, he wants to do what he can to help encourage his fellow citizens to get vaccinated.”

Bill Clinton’s press secretary included that, “President Clinton will definitely take a vaccine as soon as available to him, based on the priorities determined by public health officials… and he will do it in a public setting if it will help urge all Americans to do the same.”


Update on Mask-Wearing During Sports

The AAP has updated its recommendations for children to wear masks during sports.

The AAP “encourages players of most sports to wear cloth face coverings at all times for group training, competition, and on the sidelines.  Cloth face coverings have been shown to decrease transmission rates of COVID-19, and the coverings have been found to be tolerated well by the majority of people who wear them for exercise. Proper and consistent use of a cloth face mask is especially important right now as so many athletes move indoors for sports during the colder months.”

For safety reasons, the AAP notes that face coverings should not be worn for certain sports including wrestling, gymnastics, competitive cheerleading and swimming.


Decline in Teen Vaping During the Pandemic

Health Day News reports on a study showing a decline in vaping by teens during the pandemic lockdown.

According to the report, “vaping among teens and young adults has decreased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, with two-thirds of e-cigarette users reporting that they’ve either cut back or quit…Concerns about lung health were a major factor in their decision, the results indicate.”

The study also found that “heavy vapers who were more addicted to nicotine were the least likely to quit or cut back,” and added that, “e-cigarette users who continued their habit showed great resourcefulness in obtaining vaping products during lockdown, in part by switching to online retailers.”

If your teen vapes regularly, encourage them to stop or vape less frequently to reduce their risk of addiction and possible lung damage.


Riding Safely in a Car with Non-family Members

A recent study looked at airflow patterns within a car with the windows closed vs. various combinations of open windows.  As reported in SciTechDaily, the study “used computer models to simulate the airflow inside a compact car with various combinations of windows open or closed. The simulations showed that opening windows — the more windows the better — created airflow patterns that dramatically reduced the concentration of airborne particles exchanged between a driver and a single passenger. Blasting the car’s ventilation system didn’t circulate air nearly as well as a few open windows, the researchers found.”

If your children are using ride-sharing services or taking a car trip with non-family members, encourage them to open as many windows as possible, weather permitting.

We encourage everyone to continue to use good hand hygiene and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please contact our office with any further questions or concerns.

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