COVID-19 Update – Thursday, December 24, 2020

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Parents of Peachtree Park Pediatrics,

We continually strive to provide you with most up to date information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for more on the COVID-19 vaccines, choosing the right mask for your child, celebrating the holidays amidst a pandemic, and more!


Vaccine Updates

  • The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization to the Moderna vaccine
    • Shipments should arrive in Georgia this week
    • The vaccine is approved for people 18 and older (the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 16 and up)
    • The two required doses are 28 days apart (compared to 21 days for the Pfizer vaccine)
  • A CDC advisory group has recommended that the 2nd tier of people to get the COVID vaccine include grocery store workers, teachers, day-care staff and other people on the front lines of America’s workforce along with adults aged 75 and older
  • PPP has applied to the state to be a provider of the COVID vaccine
  • While the vaccine has not been evaluated in pregnant women or nursing mothers, consensus is that women should be offered the option to receive the vaccine. The following document provides more information about evaluating the risks and benefits in pregnant women and nursing mothers: I’m pregnant. Should I get the COVID vaccine?


Protecting Santa Claus

Watch as Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Elmo and his friends that he traveled to the North Pole and vaccinated Santa Claus himself so that he can safely deliver presents this Christmas!

Dr. Fauci: I vaccinated Santa Claus myself


Helping Children Navigate the Holiday Break

CHOA offers advice for parents on helping their families through the holiday break.

Highlights include:

  • Maintain routines (especially sleep) and expectations around the house
  • Remain active and set limits on screen time
  • Allow yourself to grieve for missed traditions while creating new ones


Choosing the Right Mask for Your Child

The NY Times recently published an article about selecting a mask for children with many suggestions.

“The best mask is the one that fits and that your child will be able to wear for most of the day, experts say. That means no single mask will work for all kids and finding the right one for your child may take a lot of trial and error.”

An AAP spokesperson said “the ideal mask for kids is one that a child is willing and able to wear for most of the day, put on and remove correctly, and that she won’t be constantly touching.”

Even with the rollout of COVID vaccines, masks will need to be worn for most of 2021.  Find a mask that your child will wear consistently and remind them to wear it whenever they are in public places.


Study Shows Low Risk of COVID Spread in Daycares and Schools

As a rule, COVID-19 spreads rapidly in most groups, but new research reported in HealthDay suggests that schools and day care centers appear to be the exception.

“Among those under 18, the virus is easily spread by close contact with family members who have COVID-19 and at gatherings where people don’t wear masks, but going to school wasn’t linked to positive COVID-19 tests, according to the researchers.

‘Schools where people wear masks and keep at least 6-feet apart are places where the virus is less likely to spread’, said a study author. ‘We’ve got to play by the rules. Otherwise, we will have situations in which children will not be able to go to school because of outbreaks,’ she said. However, ‘if schools are able to abide by the measures recommended by the [U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], kids should be able to go to school safely.’”


New Non-Prescription Rapid COVID Test for use at Home

NPR reports that the FDA authorized the first coronavirus test that people will be able to buy at a local store without a prescription and use for immediate results at home to find out if they’re positive or negative.

The test can be used on children as young as 2 years.  It is the first test that people will be able to buy without a prescription at a local store and do entirely at home on their own. It takes about five minutes to collect the sample and produces results within 15 minutes.

While 95% accurate, this is an antigen test which is not as good as a PCR test.

Parents should not do a COVID test on a child without first considering the accuracy of the test and how the results should be interpreted.  As a reminder:

  • Antigen tests should not be used to test children without symptoms
  • After being diagnosed with COVID-19, a child should remain isolated from others for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms regardless of a subsequent negative test
  • If exposed to COVID-19, a child should remain quarantined from others for at least 10 days. If the exposed child remains asymptomatic, they can leave quarantine with a negative PCR test done on day #7.

We encourage everyone to continue to use good hand hygiene and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please contact our office with any further questions or concerns.

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