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COVID-19 Update – Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Parents of Peachtree Park Pediatrics,

We continually strive to provide you with the most up to date information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for the latest vaccine updates, changes to state COVID restrictions, staying safe at summer camp, and more.


Pfizer Vaccine for Children Under 16

Within the next few weeks, the FDA is expected to approve the Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15 years of age.  PPP has requested Pfizer vaccine from the state and will notify parents by e-mail, text, Facebook and the practice website when we have it available.  Pfizer also announced that it expects to ask FDA approval in September for children 2-11 years of age.  We will provide further updates when more information is available.


Governor Lifts Many Remaining COVID Restrictions

Governor Kemp recently signed an executive order that lifts many of Georgia’s remaining coronavirus restrictions, rolling back requirements that called for restaurants to practice social distancing and ending safety guidelines designed for gyms, movie theaters, barbershops and other close-contact businesses.

AJC: Georgia governor lifts many of state’s remaining virus restrictions

“The move is largely symbolic, as the rules were scarcely enforced, particularly in recent months as the economy began opening up with the broader availability of coronavirus vaccines.”


Updated CDC Guidance for Summer Camps

The CDC recently released updated guidelines for COVID-19 safety at Summer Camps.


  • Children should be seated at least six feet apart for meals, snacks, and water breaks
  • Children should be kept far apart when swimming
  • Young children should be positioned head to toe for naps.
  • As many activities as possible should be conducted outdoors. When activities must be indoors, spaces should be well ventilated and windows should be kept open. Windows should also be open on camp buses and vans.
  • Close contact, indoor sports, large gatherings, and assemblies should be avoided, and singing, chanting, or playing instruments should be done outdoors
  • For overnight camps, eligible staff, volunteers, campers, and family members should be fully vaccinated two weeks before traveling to camps, while those who are not vaccinated should self-quarantine for two weeks before arriving at camp


Over 100 Million Americans Fully Vaccinated

The White House recently announced that 100 million Americans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

“About 55 percent of U.S. adults now have at least one dose of the vaccine, and about 40 percent are fully vaccinated.”


Updated Guidance on Being Outside Without a Mask

CBS News reports that “outdoor activities are safe without masks — regardless of whether a person is vaccinated — as long as people are either alone or with immediate family members, the CDC said recently. And fully vaccinated people can gather safely outdoors without masks in small groups.”

“Fully vaccinated individuals may safely go without masks when dining at outdoor restaurants with people from other households. The CDC said that activity is less safe for nonvaccinated people, who should remain masked as much as possible when dining outdoors.

But for other activities, the CDC still recommends wearing a mask, even for vaccinated individuals. Those include attending crowded outdoor events, such as concerts or sporting events, attending full-capacity indoor religious services, and working out in indoor gyms.

Such activities are not considered safe for people who remain unvaccinated, according to the CDC.”


Pfizer Expects Vaccine Trial Results for Infants by September

“In July, the first results could be available for the five to 12 year olds, in September for the younger children,” said a company executive.


CDC Recommends Vaccine for Pregnant Women

The Hill reports that “Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, said for the first time recently that the agency recommends pregnant people get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

A recently published study indicated that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe for pregnant women.

“Before this study, the CDC and other health officials and experts advised that the COVID-19 vaccine be available to pregnant women for them to discuss whether to get it with their doctor. 

The agency previously did not recommend pregnant people get the vaccine due to the “limited data on the safety” of the shot as pregnant women were not included in the clinical trials, Walensky said.”


Poll Finds Most U.S Youth Take COVID-19 Seriously

“Most young people do want to protect others from COVID-19, according to polls of 14- to 24-year-olds that suggest focusing on this message may be effective.”

HealthDay: Polls Find Most U.S. Young People Take COVID Threat Seriously

“About 86% of young people said they were moderately or very concerned about spreading COVID.

Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they wore masks or other face coverings all or most of the time. The most common reason they gave was so they wouldn’t spread the coronavirus.”


Do Air Purifiers Make Schools Safer?

Kaiser Health News reports that “schools are buying technology that academic air-quality experts warn can lull them into a false sense of security or even potentially harm kids.”

“Academic experts are encouraging schools to pump in more fresh air and use tried-and-true filters, like HEPA, to capture the virus.”


Vaccinated Americans Can Visit Europe

The Hill reports that “Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to visit the European Union (EU) this summer, more than a year after nonessential travel was suspended between the U.S. and Europe amid the pandemic.”


Politicians Promoting the Vaccine

In this video, Republican elected officials with healthcare backgrounds promote the COVID vaccine.

Twitter: Roger Marshall MD – Status


Grandma Protects the Family

In this short cartoon Grandma helps a vaccine-hesitant family get the COVID shot.

YouTube: Stanford Medicine – End the pandemic. Vaccines work.


Peachtree Park Pediatrics


We encourage everyone to continue to use good hand hygiene and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please contact our office with any further questions or concerns.

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