Keeping Everyone Healthy at PPP – Friday, June 5, 2020

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Parents of Peachtree Park Pediatrics,

Over the past three months, our practice has transformed and adapted in numerous ways in an effort to keep patients, families, staff and doctors safe.


Doctors and staff wear masks throughout the day.  We encourage all family members and patients over two to wear a mask throughout their time in the office.  If possible, please bring your own masks from home.  We will provide a mask for anyone with cough or fever if they don’t have their own.

Minimizing Time in the Office

The risk of exposure is a combination of close proximity over time.  To minimize the time your family spends in our office, please complete all forms (financial and medical) online before coming to the appointment. In addition, you will receive an email in the days leading up to your appointment allowing you to complete the check-in process at home.

Changes to Office Flow

Since March we have scheduled only well patients in the morning and sick ones after lunch.  In June, the demand for check-ups increases so we will now see well patients until mid-afternoon and sick patients in the late afternoon.  We will continue to minimize the risk of your child encountering another patient with cough or fever.

We recently placed visual reminders in our waiting room to help with social distancing.  We have also added signs to encourage one-way flow through the office, with everyone entering through the waiting room and exiting through a back door.  During afternoon sick hours, families stop at the door to the waiting room and are escorted directly to an exam room through a back door.  Sick patients leave the same way, never entering the main part of the office.

It is difficult to social distance in our waiting room.  If you arrive early for an appointment or there are other families in the waiting room, you may be asked to wait in your car until called when your room is ready.  With teens, the accompanying parent is typically asked to go to the waiting room to preserve confidentiality; now the parent may be asked to go to their car and will be notified when to return to review the visit.


Staff and physicians have their temperatures taken in the morning and after lunch.  Anyone with a fever is not allowed to interact with patients.  At times, we may take temperatures of parents when you arrive and ask you to wait in the car if there is a fever.

Keeping Down Crowds

To reduce the number of people in the office, if possible, only one parent should accompany your child to the visit.  It is also very helpful if you can leave siblings and other family members at home.

We have closed off the book area and encourage you and your child to stay in your exam room throughout the visit.  We have limited visits by pharmaceutical representatives to further reduce the number of folks in the office.  Telemedicine visits have also helped to avoid unnecessary trips to the office.

Wash Your Hands

Physicians and staff wash or use hand sanitizer before and after every patient encounter.  Exams rooms, sinks, doors, chairs, scales and other high touch areas are cleaned frequently throughout the day.  Hand sanitizer is available in each exam room for you and your child.

This pandemic has forced everyone to adapt and change many of their normal habits.  We greatly appreciate the patience and resilience of our families as we work to keep everyone safe now and in the months to come.


We encourage everyone to continue to use good hand hygiene and practice social distancing as much as possible. Please contact our office with any further questions or concerns.

Peachtree Park Pediatrics

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