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To play school sports, student-athletes need to submit a Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) form to their school.  If your child has had their annual check-up within the past 12 months, we are happy to complete the PPE form, either while you are in the office or at a later time when the form is required.

For their convenience, many schools require that the PPE exam and form be done between April 1stand the start of school.  If your child had their check-up prior to April 1st, your insurance usually will not pay for a second check-up.  We offer a Sports Physical appointment which is a short evaluation and exam that allows us to complete the school’s requirements for the PPE.  This appointment costs $65 and is not billed through your insurance.

We strongly encourage our patients to have a sports physical done at PPP rather than at school or a retail-based clinic.  We strive to be the medical home for your child, meaning we build a relationship with your family over several years and have easy access to lifelong medical history for your child. If any concerns are identified during the sports physical, we can evaluate if any prior tests or referrals were made and can also easily make a new referral to a subspecialist if needed. We can also easily review your child’s medicines and verify when/how to use them particularly for children with chronic diseases like asthma.

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